Hollyoaks fans will soon hear their fav characters start talking about a new drama called Runners, which they are all watching online - when they're not swooning over a new man, or in the depths of teenage angst.

The new comedy-drama is being created by the team behind Hollyoaks and, as well as being mentioned in the show, will also be an online series in its own right.

The new show will be based around a group of students working as runners in fashion and the entertainment industry, so will include sequences shot at key showbusiness events including the Brit Awards.

Although an actual launch date has not been revealed, the Beeb has the scoop that the daily 3-minute online episodes will be available on the Hollyoaks website as well as on Bebo, MSN Messenger TV, Facebook and iTunes.

There are also plans to air a weekly 15-minute summary of the show on television, after Hollyoaks' Sunday omnibus, it adds.

An initial 10-week run is set to be broadcast early next year.