Yet another report has confirmed that China is taking over the cyber world.

China now has the world's largest net-using population, claims the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

The latest stats reveal that more than 253 million people in the country are now online, which is much higher than the 223 million Americans claimed to be online by the Nielsen Online report last month.

Net penetration in the US stands at 71% compared to 19% in China suggesting it will eventually vastly outstrip the US.

"This is the first time the number has drastically surpassed the United States, becoming the world's number one", said a statement from the CNNIC, which is the nation's official net monitoring body.

The 2008 figure is up 56% in a year, added CNNIC, but analysts are predicting figures will continue to rocket with 18% growth per annum reaching a total of 490 million online users by 2012.

About 95% of those going online connect via high-speed links.