Fabrik has launched the new SimpleTech [re]drive, that it says is the world’s most energy-efficient, resource-conscious, Turbo USB 2.0 external storage and backup drive.

Eco features include a sustainable bamboo and recyclable aluminum enclosure, recycled packaging and Energy Star approved power adaptor. Offering Turbo USB 2.0 tech, it's said to deliver up to 25% faster performance than USB 2.0, with plug 'n' play usage for both Mac and PC users.

"At Fabrik, we’re making an effort to support the environment, while adapting our products to better meet consumer needs and interests", a Fabrik marketing mouthpeice said.

"We know we have a lot more work to do across the board as a company, but we’re committed to change and hope we’ll make a small dent in improving the environment - through our products, services, partner choices and company best practices."

Fabrik’s new SimpleTech [re]drives Turbo USB 2.0 external drives are available now in the States for $160 for a 500GB version, no word on a UK launch just yet.