It seems that we Brits have become so obsessed with web surfing, that we want to be able to get online pretty much wherever we are.

According to a new survey commissioned by T-Mobile, one in five people want to access the Internet when relaxing at the beach, while some of us even want to browse while having a beer.

The report found that one in four of T-Mobile's new customers are now taking up mobile broadband packages, not mobile phones, reflecting the desire to be able to connect whenever they want.

The telecoms company adds that there has been a massive uptake of mobile broadband in the UK, and some believes it will actually overtake fixed-line connections as early as 2010.

"Mobile broadband has reached a tipping point and is now hitting the mainstream", says Richard Warmsley, head of internet and entertainment services at T-Mobile. "Consumers are used to taking their laptops out and about with them and they expect to be connected - whether that's in the garden, at the office or in the park."

"We expect to quadruple our user base in 2008, with one in four new customers currently signing up for a mobile broadband package", he added.