Online bookstore and social networking site for bookworms, BookRabbbit, is offering a free book to the first 1000 people who sigh up to the site.

The new website, which was our weekly fav way back in May, is where avid book readers can share their love of literature with fellow book lovers.

So you can upload pictures of your bookshelf, so readers can look at the book collections of other people who have the same titles and interests as them.

And you can then strike up conversations about the books you enjoy.

But BookRabbit also stocks 4.2 million titles.

And one of these will wing it way to you if you are one of the first 1000 people to sign up to the site.

To qualify, you have to do register with, upload a picture of your bookshelf and tag five books on your shelf.

"By tagging five books, this gives BookRabbit a little taste of the novels that float your boat so your free paperback is something that you can't wait to unwrap and read", explains the BookRabbit team.