Typhoon Touch Technologies, Inc. has "significantly expanded" its patent infringement suit begun in December 2007 against Dell by adding Apple, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Lenovo, Panasonic, HTC, Palm, Samsung, Nokia and LG.

Typhoon’s complaint alleges that defendants have infringed its US Patent No. 5,379,057 issued 3 January 1995 and entitled "Portable Computer with Touch Screen and Computer System Employing Same", and US Patent No. 5,675,362 issued October 7, 1997 and entitled "Portable Computer with Touch Screen and Computing System Employing Same".

"The addition of these defendants is a further step in protecting Typhoon’s IP from being unfairly exploited. Hopefully, the world of potential infringers will take notice that it is the company’s intent to aggressively protect its intellectual property", stated Craig Weiner from the law firm of Hofheimer, Gartlir & Gross LLP acting for Typhoon.

"As alleged in the amended complaint, Typhoon believes that numerous defendants are selling and/or offering for sale - what could be millions of devices - which may infringe Typhoon’s patents."