Several high profile top executives are leaving Yahoo following on from months of turmoil as the company as wrangled with a hostile takeover bid from Microsoft.

Yahoo is currently battling with its shareholders, including billionaire investor Carl Icahn, and is expecting a bid to oust its board at its Annual General Meeting on 1 August.

Analysts say that this "reorganisation", which has resulted in the departures, may be a bid to placate shareholders as well as improve its earnings.

Although it is unconfirmed, three executives are leaving Yahoo, including Brad Garlinghouse, who oversaw services including e-mail and instant messaging.

Vish Makhijani, general manager of Yahoo's Web search business, and Qi Lu, the top engineer for Yahoo's Panama search marketing platform, are also reported to be going elsewhere.

Yahoo has confirmed that one exec, Jeff Weiner, recently executive vice president of the network division, had left to work at venture capital firms.

The Wall Street Journal says that Yahoo president Sue Decker is also considering a reorganisation that would centralise Yahoo mail, search and homepage divisions into a global product organisation.