Ofcom had already praised Dundee as one of Scotland's best connected cities for broadband, but now it is to get an even better service.

Way back in January, a company called H2O Networks announced that it was going to lay a high speed fibre network in the sewers of one of three British cities - Bournemouth, Dundee or Northampton.

Well the project in Bournemouth has proved so successful that the H2O team is now moving up to Dundee, and, as a result, residents there will soon be able to get broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Elfed Thomas, CEO of H20 Networks said: "Dundee is the most densely populated city in Scotland, but this project will see us bringing connectivity to more remote areas as Fibrecity is an all inclusive solution".

"Many households and broadband customers have insufficient connectivity bandwidths because they are attached to legacy networks deployed in the 20th Century that just can’t cope with demand. Our solution is a totally new network that does not try to connect old and new cables. With speeds in excess of 100 Mbps, it brings us right into the 21st Century and beyond."

The laying of Scotland's first H20’s Fibrecity network will begin early next year and will cover around 55,000 homes.

In areas where a sewer-based installation is not possible, H20 will install the fibre cables using a patented BMD (Blown Mini Duct) method, which involves creating a 20mm slot into the road to install the cable "with minimum disruption to residents".