MySpace has revealed it is about to undergo a dramatic redesign.

The "high profile user interface changes" will include the site's home page, navigation, profile editing, search, and MySpaceTV player.

Part of a year-long initiative to revamp the site, the plan is to make its navigation more intuitive and allow better communication - while adding benefits for advertisers along the way.

Tom Anderson, co-founder of MySpace says: "This is just the beginning—by the early autumn we expect to reveal an entirely new and remixed MySpace that provides a more intuitive, customizable, and private experience."

The home, "splash" page is getting revamped, and will see one major corporate advertiser, the new profile editor will unveil a host of new personalisation options for users, while search and navigation are said to be greatly improved,

The MySpaceTV Player application will roll-out globally on 17 June. It uses Flash 9 and will offer a true full-screen mode, and support for HD.

The global redesign will roll out throughout next week.