Opera Software has released the final public release of its flagship web browser, Opera 9.5.

Coming just days before Firefox 3 will become available, Opera says "Kestrel", as the browser was codenamed pre-release, is the most powerful Opera browser yet.

A culmination of 2 year's work, 9.5 offers new features including Opera Link that promises a seamless web experience from PC to mobile by keeping users synchronised between any Opera 9.5 desktop browser and Opera Mini though a log-in process.

Looks get a tweak too as Opera has made a move to "modernise" with this release, with a "sharp" new skin with clean lines and clear icons.

If you can remember a word from a page you’ve read earlier, you can find that page easily with the Quick Find functionality that means entering a word in the address bar to find matching text from any page you have visited that session.

Security is said to be strengthened against malware and phishing, while there's a speed bump promised for the email client, RSS feeds and browser itself.

Opera 9.5 is available for Linux, Mac and PC computers and ships in more than 30 languages with additional languages soon available. Opera is free from www.opera.com.