The humble corkboard is about to be catapulted into cyberspace with the launch of Internet Pinboard.

The virtual pinboard takes the common or garden notice board and supersizes it for the Facebook and MySpace generation – but without losing the visual look and feel of an original board.

Users can pin up almost anything, including photos, personal messages, artwork scraps, post cards or notes with links to news and entertainment stories, blogs, music, videos and other digital content.

In real world terms the pinboard would measure 57 foot high and 38 foot wide, with an unlimited supply of pins, but when visitors are
searching the pinboard, only small parts of it are downloaded at a time, making it quick to navigate.

Users don’t need to register, and simply email their content to the site, specifying where they would like it to appear (middle, top-right or bottom left of the board), to see it digitally "pinned up" for free within 24 hours.