Radiohead has finally put all of its studio albums on iTunes.

The British band was mooted to be one of the last to have held out.

There is still no news as to when The Beatles back catalogue is going to be available despite months, perhaps now years, of rumours.

Radiohead had previously stayed away from the Apple music store as it wanted fans to buy whole albums.

It dappled in digital releases itself making its In Rainbows album available online for free - people were just asked to pay as much as they thought it was worth.

Reports afterwards said that people paid a lot less than a usual album price - which is something the band denied - but then singer Thom Yorke did add that the band wasn't going to do it again.

However, now In Rainbows, and the bands six studio albums, are all available both as albums and as single tracks.

Still holding out, as well as The Beatles, are Garth Brooks, AC/DC (who have signed an exclusive deal with US mobile phone firm Verizon) and Def Leppard.