Just weeks after a thug who had put all of his antics up on YouTube was given an ASBO, police in Scotland have rounded up a staggering 182 kids who similarly bragged of their crimes online.

A massive police operation has seen kids as young as 12 herded up by the police after posting details of crimes on social networking sites including Bebo.

Offences included violence, drug-dealing and possessing weapons.

Police chief Derek Penman said the Central Scotland Police scoured the websites and then identified youngsters involved from their photos and videos.

Police then swooped on their homes in an "intrusive and robust" operation, and sat down before their parents - many of whom have now banned their little darlings from the web.

Penman told Scottish newspaper, the Daily Record: "This operation was carried out as a result of intelligence received that such sites were acting as a conduit for a range of behaviour which was extremely concerning".

"Young people were involved in open displays of aggression and other unacceptable behaviour, apparently fuelled by drink in many cases."

"We found a wide range of content which raised child safety issues."

"This included young people being involved in the abuse of alcohol, potentially exposing themselves to violence, possession of weapons, racism and sectarianism."

"Other intelligence was gathered relating to drug-dealing."

Several of the kids have been reported to the procurator fiscal and the children's panel for offences including serious assault, theft and breaking bail.

And nearly 70 children, and a number of adults with learning difficulties, were formally reported to social workers.

Further visits are planned.