Lavasoft has updated its flagship security software, Ad-Aware, so it now detects more threats from spyware, viruses, and malware.

Ad-Aware 2008 includes an extended detection engine, which is claimed to detect an additional one million types of cyber attack.

The new version also includes improved technology to detect stealth malware as well as monitoring for "malicious behaviour involving spyware processes, tracking cookies, malicious objects, browser hijackers, keyloggers, Trojans and more, in real-time", explains the developer.

The Pro, Plus, and Free versions of Ad-Aware 2008 are available immediately through PX Software in the UK.

The Pro and Plus versions are available with 1, 3, or 5 user licenses, and include free technical support and software updates throughout the license period.

Prices begin at £19.99 for Plus and £29.99 for Pro, with discounts for multi-user licenses.