"Blow off the goofy apps that will just drive you crazy and go nuTsie for music with us."

This is the call being made by Dave Dederer, former Presidents of the United States of America guitarist no less and VP of business development at a company called Melodeo, which has come up with a new application for Facebook.

The new tool, nuTsie, lets you embed up to five iTunes playlists in your Facebook profile.

Dederer explains: "NuTsie is about the music. There are over 1200 music apps on Facebook and not one of them delivers".

"In fact, this just in - findings from a study released last week noted that most Facebook apps are silly and pointless."

But their's, of course, isn't.

nuTsie works by identifying the songs in your iTunes collection and then streams them from its own servers.

"This means that you don't need to leave your computer on or consume upstream bandwidth in order to play music for people", explains Wired.

But the only disadvantage is claimed to be that nuTsie doesn't recognise all songs.

To start using the service, all you have to do is upload your iTunes library to the site by first exporting it from iTunes as an XML file (File > Export Library).