TariffMan has announced the release of what its calling "the smallest GPS/GSM/GPRS asset tracking device available".

The "Velo", that's so small it can be used as a keyring, has a "super-sensitive active GPS receiver" which claims to allow for more accurate and faster GPS positions.

The Velo can be hard-wired into any asset which has a battery or used via its own power (that provides for 4-5 days juice) so can be used as a standalone device.

The Velo can be armed and disarmed by a key-fob, and can be used for tracking motorbikes, quad-bikes and jet-skis along with the cars and vans.

It has an integral movement sensor so that you can be alerted if it moves without authorisation, and it also has a central panic button so that it can be worn as a personal safety device.

Users can also covertly "call" the Velo and listen to what is going on in the immediate vicinity of the unit.

Prices are set at £199.00 with no monthly rental charge, this price includes up to 2000 positions each month for the first 12 months. After that, an annual payment of £20.00 is required for continued tracking.