What better way to spend a sunny morning that driving around in a replica Kitt from the Knight Rider series.

Filming for an upcoming episode of Megawhat on car gadgets, we just had to get a couple of pictures for you to enjoy.

Building the car over the last 7 years, owner Mark has painstakingly watched the TV shows frame by frame to make an exact match to Kitt in Season's 3 and 4.

The dashboard is full working with speedometer, rev counter, and fuel gauge although not all the lights actually have a function other than just looking the part.

The TV is even connected to a laptop in the back so Mark can watch movies when out and about or surf the web.

How much does it all cost? According to Mark a mere £10,000, but a lot of hard work.

His next project? Jokingly Mark told us he has plans to make a replica Airwolf.

Unfortunately, while the car is road worthy, the Pursuit Mode button on the central console doesn't work.