Paragon Software Group has announced the release of Rescue Kit for Mac OS X - Lite.

The new software is claimed to "allow users of Mac OS X systems to recover quickly and easily from system problems by rescuing important data and restoring their system back to its original state".

The solution is designed to recover vital data and move it to another destination such as a removable drive, another hard drive or network volume.

The new tool kit comes with fully automated wizards that allow users to backup and restore partitions.

Paragon adds that using the tool means it is not necessary for Mac users to set-up applications and customise their system again after a crash.

The product incorporates Paragon’s NTFS for Mac technology, which allows rapid reading and writing of data to NTFS volumes and easily transfers data between Windows and Mac partitions.

The Rescue Kit also includes a File Transfer Wizard, which gives end users complete access to any file system, even those not supported by the OS or even if it is on an un-mounted partition (i.e., drive letter is not assigned).

The introductory Rescue Kit for Mac OS X - Lite version is available for free via Paragon's website and the full version will be available later this year.