A team of American researchers have surveyed 17,000 web users from around the world and have found that blogging is booming.

Rumours had been that the blogging trend may have reached its pinnacle after a massive surge in online diaries and blog sites in recent years.

But not so says the team from media communications agency Universal McCann.

It found that 45% of those surveyed have started a blog, which is up 14% since June 2007.

And it was web surfers in China, Taiwan, and South Korea leading the pack, with 70% of respondents in those countries regularly blogging.

To put this into perspective, internet users in the UK reported 25.3% participation.

And what are we blogging? 63.5% of those surveyed blog their daily life; while current affairs, music, computers/technology, film/TV, and travel were also regular topics.

The survey says 60.6% of bloggers reported posting photos, 28.8% posted videos, and 24.3% uploaded music to their sites.

With the number of people with access to the internet growing, especially in countries where blogging is already a huge and sustained trend, then the number of people recounting their experiences online can only grow.