Scarborough has become one of the UK's first coastal towns to provide the five and a half million visitors it receives a year with free broadband Wi-Fi access, with the launch of "Freebay wifi" at the North Yorkshire town’s South Bay seafront.

As well as providing coverage for users along the Sandside area, the Wi-Fi range extends across the whole of Scarborough's harbour and marina, bringing free Wi-Fi access to the yachts, motor and fishing boats moored there.

John Senior of Scarborough’s South Bay Traders Association says: "Over the last few years cafes, hotels and other public areas have provided wireless internet access but have made a charge for the service. Now, our association has launched this initiative to fund and provide completely free broadband access".

"Visiting business men and women can be in contact with their office and business world whilst enjoying lunch on the sea front, fishing boats and other seagoing craft can now get up-to-the-minute weather reports immediately before leaving harbour and the five and a half million tourists who visit the resort each year can obtain the latest information on Scarborough's attractions."