Jajah has announced that as the company celebrates 2 years in business, they have amassed 10 million customers.

Jajah co-founder and chairman Daniel Mattes says: "In the past two years, more than 10 million customers from around the world chose Jajah - a clear indicator that Jajah is a solution for everyone, not just a techy few".

As well as these milestones, Jajah is also celebrating being selected by Yahoo as the outsource partner for its premium voice service.

This deal means Jajah will take over the provision of the telephony infrastructure, payment processing, and customer care for Yahoo's premium voice users who make and receive voice calls through Yahoo Messenger.

The "Phone In" and "Phone Out" service on Yahoo Messenger will now be handled by Jajah with a potential audience of 200 countries and nearly 97 million users worldwide.