An English man has launched a campaign to ensure a corner of
the internet remains "forever English".

John Sewell of Maidenhead is hoping to raise support for a new domain name that will allow the English to show off their Englishness.

Sewell has set up an online petition at for the domain name .eng and will deliver the signatures to ICANN, the non-profit outfit which oversees domain name endings.

Sewell points to similar movements by the Scots (for .sco) and the Welsh (for .cym) and says: "There's nothing whatsoever political about this. I'm not a devotee of any political party".

"I suppose if it's about‚ if anything, for me is remembering what's great about England - tea, the Beatles, London, the Queen, beer, cricket."

A spokesman for ICANN said Sewell probably won't even be able to start the application process until next year.