A new video music website has been launched into beta by the music industry in the States, called PluggedIn.

The site offers over 10,000 high resolution music videos by major names, as well as music news, blogs, photos, artist profiles and social networking features like the ability to create and share recommendations and playlists.

In addition to watching the videos in a window, the quality is said to be high enough that people can comfortably watch in a fullscreen mode, no doubt hoping to lure viewers away from well established rival sites like YouTube, MySpace and MTV.com.

Investors in the $2 million site include EMI, Universal and Sony BMG, but not Warner, the only major label not yet involved. Another backer of the site is actor and musician Will Smith, through Overbrook Entertainment, his management and production company.

Unfortunately for music lovers outside of the US and Canada, content on the site is region-restricted and most videos cannot be viewed outside of this geographical area.