The Filter, a personalised content filtering system that aggregates entertainment and information and connects users to content reflecting their tastes or moods, goes into private beta today.

The Filter uses "an advanced algorithm derived from the world of artificial intelligence and Bayesian mathematics" to filter


irrelevant content and filter


content that reflects an individual's tastes and moods across entertainment media, including music, film, web video, entertainment news and, in time, TV.

"An intelligent filter can remove the burden and boredom of choice and get us what we want and need with plenty of exploration and discovery", says Peter Gabriel.

"The Filter is a smart on-line companion - once it knows you, your tastes and your moods, it can discover treasure for you every time."

Also included in The Filter is an element of social networking that allows a user to share and recommend newly discovered content with friends, and discover more by looking at other peoples' tastes.

The system is the vision of musician Peter Gabriel and is expected to be available for public use in May 2008.