SRS Labs has announced the release of iWOW 2.0 in a retail box version for iTunes Mac users.

SRS says because of the popularity of the product as a web-based download, it's now being made available as a packaged product that will be sold through retail outlets.

iWOW 2.0 software claims to be the most advanced audio processing software available for iTunes on the Mac.

Using several patented audio enhancement technologies, iWOW 2.0 provides "immersive 3D audio" for Mac desktop and laptop computers as well as external speakers and headphones.

iWOW 2.0 offers customisable audio for listening to music, videos or podcasts, and provides preset options, offering listeners the ability to listen and enjoy movies and videos on iTunes in surround sound over headphones.

As far as music goes, iWOW 2.0 claims to improve audio performance of compressed and uncompressed audio files, such as MP3s, by expanding the size of the audio image in both the horizontal and vertical sound field as well as creating deep rich bass response.

It also takes takes the surround sound content from video files and creates a 5.1-channel, "movie theatre quality" surround sound experience over standard stereo headphones.

System requirements for iWOW 2.0 are any Macintosh running OS X 10.4 or better with iTunes 6 or higher.

The software package will be available through various retailers and directly from SRS Labs for $29.99.