MySpace TV content could soon be available on TV platforms or on DVD thanks to a new deal signed today.

The MySpace team is teaming up with ShineReveille, which will internationally distribute its content in various forms including international television, DVD and merchandise.

ShineReveille International distributes a broad array of programming from independent producers and US networks to more than 150 territories worldwide.

MySpace will retain US and international web as well as
mobile distribution rights and international web distribution rights.

Currently ShineReveille has no plans to produce content for MySpace.

In a separate announcement, MySpace is launching a new online drama series from the creators of its cult creation, KateModern.

A pilot for I Love Chieftown is being made this month; and then 60 episodes are expected to follow from mid-September.

The drama series follows lead character Jamie, an aspiring filmmaker, as she films an up-and-coming band and its journey to "make it big".

"Against a music backdrop, a story of everyday life, love and relationships will emerge in this 'coming of age' series", adds MySpace.

It adds that I Love Chieftown will be shot close to transmission, so users will help to shape the stories, choose characters, become an extra and even meet the
band at the centre of the storyline.

Interactive content will include character profiles, behind-the-scenes video footage, and storyline secrets.