AM Micro has announced the release of JoeSoft's Hear that's described as a way to greatly improve audio quality in music, movies and every audio application on your Mac in a
user-friendly software package.

Hear claims to boost the quality of sound on Macs by integrating customisable settings so the user can tweak the audio settings on each application independently to suit their preferences.

The menu has an adjustable equaliser, subwoofer, ambience and several other settings to create the exact sound the listener wants to build.

The software includes a mixer which can be used to tweak the sound volume for various applications, so the user doesn't have a loud mail sound while listening to music, for example.

Hear can also be used for enhancing the sound in games, creating virtual cinema quality sound experiences, and the space feature creates a re-sounding frame behind the listener's position and bounces the sound around.

Hear is £33.95 available now via AM Micro.