Over in the States, memory company Super Talent have released three new 8GB capacity PICO USB flash drives in the form of the PICO-A, PICO-B and the PICO-C.

Why are we bringing you this news? Well, the PICO-C in particular is worthy of mention as it claims a "world's -est" accolade - in this instance for the smallest 8GB flash drive on the market.

Offering up to 30Mbps data transfer and USB 2.0 connectivty, it measures in at a mere 31.3 x 12.4 x 3.4mm and weighs a super featherweight 6 grams.

The PICOs A and B are also fairly diminutive and have some features of note of their own - namely water resistance which, considering their small size, might be handy.

The three models are all available now for around $35, no word just yet on a UK or European availability.