The HYmini is a handheld, universal charger that harnesses renewable wind power combined with conventional wall plug power to recharge almost all your 5 volt digital kit.

The energy stored in its internal battery can be used to recharge mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods, PDAs and digital cameras.

Described as a "hybrid mini green power station" users need to charge the device, via wall plug or USB, then when you are out and about doing something that makes you move at more than 9 miles per hour, the turbine will "trickle charge" your selected device.

As an example, 20 minutes turbine action at 19 miles per hour will give your iPod charge for 30 minutes, your phone enough juice for 4 minutes of calls and your camera the power for 20 pics.

Okay, so it's a little niche at this stage but there is also a solar panel add-on that doesn't require you to be hurtling through the air in order to get your gadgets some juice.

Inclusive of adaptors for charging phones, music players, cameras, etc., the HYmini costs $49.99.