Yahoo has launched a new website aimed at women between the ages 25 and 54, apparently a "key demographic underserved by current Yahoo properties".

From a business point of the view the site, Shine, has been created in order sell advertising targeted to women who are often the key decision-makers in many households.

Advertisers in consumer-packaged goods, retail and pharmaceuticals are expected to spend out in order to reach Shine's audience.

Amy Iorio, vice president for Yahoo Lifestyles, said research showed it's what women want:

"These women were sort of caretakers for everybody in their lives. They didn't feel like there was a place that was looking at the whole them - as a parent, as a spouse, as a daughter. They were looking for one place that gave them everything."

The site will offer a blog-style format with newest items on top in categories such as parenting, sex and love, healthy living, food, career and money, entertainment, fashion, beauty, home life, and astrology.