The Museum of Computing in Swindon, the UK's first dedicated computer museum, is facing eviction after the University of Bath in Swindon withdraws from the Oakfield campus in July.

With over 2000 hardware exhibits (85% of which are in full working order), 2500 software items and around 1500 books, manuals, specialist magazines and sundry items, The Museum of Computing needs to find a new location in Swindon with 75 square metres (800 square feet) of exhibition space, disabled access and 100 square metres (1075 square feet) of storage space.

Founder Jeremy Holt says: "Ideally we feel the museum should remain in Swindon, partly because we have an enthusiastic and dedicated team of volunteers, without whom it could not survive".

The Musuem is currently appealing for alternative locations, or help from anyone with moving transport, physical help or funding to support the relocation. If you can help please contact the curator, on