Londoners are not only the world's most prolific Wi-Fi users but beat the next city down on the list three times over.

According to the iPass Mobile Broadband Index, 30,000 Wi-Fi sessions were used in London in the second half of 2007, which is a growth of over 150% on the previous year.

But it is also almost three times the number of sessions as Singapore, which is number two on the list.

But the US remains top of the list country-wise, buying four times as many sessions as the UK, despite growth of only 60%, compared to the UK's 121%.

The report attributes the boom of Wi-Fi in the UK to an increase of the number of hotspots at airports and railway stations, as well as greater uptake of mobile broadband packages.

Airports accounted for nearly 50% of all business sessions, with Heathrow being the fourth busiest in the world, hosting over 41,000 sessions.

It is 3G connections that made up the majority of mobile broadband connections, with average downloads increasing from over 150MB per user per month in the first quarter of 2007, to nearly 200MB in the fourth quarter, adds PC Pro.