Channel 5, AutoMoto TV, The Poker Channel, Information TV, Russia TV, Community Channel and France 24 (in French) are now all available via Zattoo's internet TV service.

The free live stream IPTV service already offered access to Channel 4, BBC Three and the news channel, Bloomberg.

Zattoo is claimed to work without additional hardware and is compatible with Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Zattoo's team explain that its player has been developed so "it is as close to watching TV as possible", including a newly introduced Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and Channel Manager.

The EPG allows people to plan what they want to watch through the player, and includes content summaries.

The Channel Manager allows users to edit their channel list and hide channels that they’re not interested in.

Zattoo is available in eight European countries and will also be available in the US later this year.