Whirlpool has shown of its futuristic "green kitchen" concept in which 60% of the water and heat generated from appliances is "diverted" to fuel other appliances or functions in the eco-kitchen.

Through this integrated use of appliances, with the concept taking its model from the cycle of nature, it optimises the use of heat and water with processes that increase energy efficiency up to 70%.

For example, the kitchen allows you to use the heat produced by the fridge compressor, the only appliance to operate 24 hours a day, to produce hot water for the dishwasher.

Simple changes make a difference too - the refrigerator also uses a fridge "drawer", instead of the normal cabinet. This new design prevents the cold air from slipping out every time the door opens.

As well as being eco-friendly, the average savings that an owner could make from the kitchen eco-system created to adapt, reduce and recycle water, heat and energy are estimated at 24%.