The Oxford English Dictionary has just published its list of new words to be officially added to the nation's lexicon.

As well as the introduction of "sadster" (a pathetic or contemptible person) and "freephone" and "lurve" getting recognition as verbs as well as nouns, there's an absolute plethora of amusing variations on the F-word.

Perhaps more of interest to the Pocket-lint readership though is the techie vocab that's made it into mainstream English with "computeritis" (the excessive use of computers; the fact of being detrimentally influenced by computers. Also: illness or disability attributed to the use of computers, esp. carpal tunnel syndrome) getting its debut.

Other computer-themed bon mots new this year are "computery", (adj. Relating to or characteristic of computers; characterized by computer technology, esp. in a repellent way), and "computernik" (a computer expert or enthusiast).

Of interest to eco-friendly gadget fans, the ever growing green side of technology is also recognised with an entry for "ecotechnology" (technology designed to deal with environmental concerns; an instance of this.)