A new product for parents, the "Rock a Bye", is launching with the claim of being the UK's first interactive vibrating cot mattress specifically made for children and young babies.

It's a "gentle pulsing" mattress designed and manufactured by UK company Kit For Kids and will launch exclusively at Babies R Us this week to coincide with a new parents' weekend hosted by Toys R Us.

Rock a Bye uses an integral control unit that can be activated manually by the parent or by voice activation in response to the baby crying.

The unit, which can be set to a high or low sensitivity to pick up sounds from your baby, will activate a gentle pulsing motion to help baby settle off to sleep in a similar way that gentle random motions in a car will usually rock a baby to sleep.

The mattress boasts a Breathex cover that's detachable, washable and tumble-dry-able while the sleeping surface is Permex Plus and keeps the interior of the mattress
hygienically protected and your baby cool and dry.

A Continental cot size mattress is £109.99 while a cotbed size version will cost £129.99.