At CeBIT, as well as announcing the expansion of its Go 3.0 service to include France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK by the end of Q2 2008, the company has unveiled Yahoo! onePlace, that they describe as "a revolutionary mobile content management solution."

Designed to be a tool to manage the wide selection of content available across the Internet, it works with bookmarked browsing.

In Yahoo's words: "Yahoo! onePlace will put everything in which a consumer is interested into a single location and then serve it up in the most personally-relevant manner. An innovative intelligence-driven system will organize anything put into it according to a users' unique interests and passions, and present only the information they want, the way they want it. So now, the content they consume and the way they consume it will be hyper-customized to their own specific preferences and tastes".

By using bookmarks to link to content (such as news feeds, sites, videos, images, emails, searches, etc.) everything will be automatically updated as well as assigned categories and tags - or placed into customised "collections" that consumers create.

Yahoo! onePlace is expected to launch, along with Yahoo! oneConnect in Q2 2008 and is then expected to be available across "hundreds" of devices and mobile browsers around the world.