Symantec has launched a new version of its Norton 360 software application.

Version 2.0 will now include Symantec's patent-pending browser protection technology, which according to the anti-virus software maker defends against drive-by downloads and other new or unknown threats that exploit vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer.

The 360 software, like its previous versions, will include antivirus, antispyware, firewall, intrusion protection, and SONAR behavioral detection technology.

Moving to help internet bankers, the package also now includes Norton Identity Safe, an application that stores passwords and other personal information.

Norton Identity Safe also offers automatic form-filling capabilities and one-click log-in to trusted sites, and it works with Norton 360's identity protection technology to safeguard against phishing sites.

Symantec have also increased the options of backup to include Blu-ray, iPods, HD DVD discs, or shared drives, in addition to internal drives, CD/DVD drives, USB drives, mapped network drives, or external hard drives.

Additionally Norton 360 adds Network Monitoring, which checks the status of wireless security, maps connected devices, alerts users when they are connected to an unsecure network, and provides expert advice to help manage network security settings.

Norton 360 version 2.0 is $79.99 in the US and £59.99 in the UK.