More people are interested in the US presidential race than domestic UK politics if internet searches are to be believed.

According to Hitwise, Barack Obama is the most searched for political figure in the UK ahead of Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Lib Dems leader Nick Clegg.

The senator is so far ahead of the pack that the internet tracking company says his name sake is receiving three times as many searches on his name last week as Hillary Clinton, and five times as many as Gordon Brown. John McCain the republican candidate ranked in fourth place, just ahead of David Cameron.

"UK Internet visits to Barack Obama’s official website started to increase steadily from the end of January and, during the week of ‘Super Tuesday’ (week ending 9 February 2008) his website received more visits than any of the major UK political party websites", says Robin Goad, Research Director of Hitwise UK.

"Barack Obama has been one of the key users of the internet in the presidential campaign", one commentor told Pocket-lint.

Although not officially endorsed by the Barrack Obama camp, from the Black Eyed Peas released a pop song on YouTube for the senator. So far it has been viewed over 10m times on YouTube.