It was supposed to help get people to save electricity, but Energy Saving Day (E-Day), a campaign to get you to turn off your gadgets for the day is looking likely to fail, and fail badly.

While the industry and consumers imply that they are keen to go green, currently almost at the end of the 24hr campaign which started at 6pm on 27 February, defiant electricity users have used almost 1% more electricity than they normally would.

The campaign, which was backed by big names such as EDF energy, Greenpeace and Tesco centred around a website and a dial that shows the amount of electricity currently being used in England, Scotland and Wales in Gigawatts.

The figures, which are being updated on a minute by minute basis, show that either people don't care or the campaign just wasn't publicised enough as the total savings run into negative numbers.

According to the website's energy bar total savings are currently 0.7%.

Have you switched off today?