Perhaps not a question you'd want to be asked by a PC World-employed geek, but this morning, The Tech Guys are indeed asking - did the earth move for you?

You may be unaware that there was a small earthquake in the UK last night and The TechGuys are taking this as a PR opportunity, sorry, customer support opportunity to offer some advice to UK households, which is as follows:

1. Check that plugs didn't come loose. If the TV doesn't turn on it may be as simple as putting the plug back in.

2. In addition to the main power source, check that all connections are still fitted well and that the computer is no longer printing because the connector lost its place.

3. Did the computer jump a little? Check that equipment didn't move and is in danger of falling off the edge of the desk or table.

4. (Our personal fave) If you're tilting your head to watch your wall mounted plasma it is probably an indication that it too felt the earthquake. Have it properly fixed to the wall again.

5. If you don't already have one, consider getting surge protection in case of future disruptive earthquakes or storms to protect your equipment.