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(Pocket-lint) - According to Binatone, "so far the market for satellite navigation is completely dominated by men and it's time women caught on to this extremely useful technology".

Don't worry your pretty heads though girls, as Binatone has introduced the perfect system for all you ladies out there.


The Carrera S350 "is small and neat and slips easily into a handbag" (thank goodness) "it's really simple to use" (well, that's a relief) and "comes with a selection of different coloured casings which can be chopped and changed to match the mood of the day" (do say pink's included!).

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The device offers UK and Ireland maps with full postcode search, 2 and 3D graphics, UK safety camera locations, points of interest as well as an integrated MP3 and MP4 player and picture viewer.

The unit offers a touchscreen, although note that "for those of you with nails to protect, there is even a helpful stylus". And, even more helpfully, an explanation for what a stylus is - "a wand for pressing the screen".

No other tech spec revealed, as clearly it's not something the ladies need to concern themselves with. If you can buy into this very worst kind of patronising nonsense then it's £119.99 from Argos.

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott.