"Please take HD DVD off life support and let the HD packaged media community and market heal and grow. Please let HD DVD die."

So ends the heartfelt plea currently live on PetitionsOnline.com, created in response to the "Save HD DVD" campaign running concurrently on the same site.

At the time of writing, the kill-it crew have notched up 4210 signatures while the please-save-it team are stonking ahead with 11,920 virtual scrawls.

The "Save HD DVD" epetition went live on January 5th as an immediate reaction to Warner Bros' decision to go Blu.

The petition creator states the purpose of the exercise is to "show Warner Brothers that the consumer has not 'clearly' chosen Blu-Ray".

As well as reversing Warner's decision, the hope for the petition is to show Universal and Paramount, "that HD-DVD still has supporters, thus they shouldn't switch to Blu-Ray".

"We have a chance to save a superior format from collapsing under the weight of the greedy Sony corporation and its inferior Blu-Ray format", pleads the intro text. "Let's do it!"

People power or a waste of time? You can throw your 2 cents into the fight now by clicking on one of the links below. Who knows what could happen if the save-it team hits the heady heights of 12,000 signees?