FileMaker has launched "Bento" a personal database created to help Mac users organise their lives.

Designed specifically for Mac OS X Leopard, Bento is described as an "exceptionally easy way to organise contacts, calendars, projects, events, and more - all in one place."

With the iTunes-style interface in Bento, users can:

• Manage virtually unlimited contact details
• Coordinate events, parties, and fundraisers
• Track projects, assignments and deadlines
• Connect related information together to see more details
• Prioritise things that need to get done
• Catalogue inventory, donations and items for sale
• Record hours worked and payments due
• Assign ratings to service providers and sellers
• Create libraries for music, movies and media
• Store files and photos related to projects and events

Bento is priced at £29, or £59 for a family pack of five licenses, and is available on the FileMaker web store, and at Apple retail and web stores.