Three electronics giants have joined together to champion a greener future.

Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba have co-founded a new electronic product recycling management company.

The venture is called the Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company or MRM, and will manage collection and recycling programs in the US.

It will provide a recycling service to electronics manufacturers and others, including state and local governments.

Recycling programs are already planned for later in the year in states including Connecticut, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

The company has already got to work in Minnesota where, in five months, it has collected approximately 750 tons of used products.

MRM president, David Thompson explained: "We believe that forming an independent company to manage collective electronic recycling programs is the best way to achieve the economies of scale and efficiencies necessary to create a sustainable recycling system for used electronics products.

"MRM has already entered into collection and recycling agreements with Hitachi Electronics, JVC, Mitsubishi, Philips, Pioneer, Sanyo and Olevia brand maker Syntax-Brillian, and looks forward to working with other manufacturers going forward."