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(Pocket-lint) - Yahoo Search has launched its annual Finds of the Year campaign highlighting 40 of "the most creative, innovative and amusing sites within the UK".

In its sixth year, 2007’s list of sites are broken down into eight categories that will be voted upon by a panel of experts.

The public gets to have its own say in the People’s Choice Award at www.yahoo.co.uk/finds2007 which will be announced on the 16th January 2008.

The judging panel consists of experts with a special interest in the online world. This year’s panel, responsible for choosing a winner in each of the categories with the exception of People’s Choice, include Claire Woffenden (WebUser), Haje Jan Kamps (T3), Mark Harris (freelance journalist for The Metro, Independent and T3), Michael Phillips (last year’s People’s Choice winner, Cowforce.com), Nigel Powell (freelance journalist for The Sunday Times), Salim Mitha (Yahoo Search), Serena Privett (vogue.com), Tom Whitwell (Times online), Andy Williams of Yahoo and Pocket-lint's own Stuart Miles.

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Yahoo Search Finds of the Year 2007 Shortlist (by category)

Weird and Wonderful

Faces in Places (www.facesinplaces.com): Faces in Places is a showcase of images of faces that people have found in the most unusual places. Once you visit this site you’ll see faces every day in household objects, architecture and even your food!

Stopped Clocks (www.stoppedclocks.com): Stopped Clocks documents one person’s passion for finding, and fixing, stopped clocks across the UK.

Toy Voyagers (www.toyvoyagers.com): Toy Voyagers is a site that takes countless toys and sends them out into the world to experience grand adventures. Follow along with your favourite toy and see the globe through pictures that will surely put a smile on your face.

Fishycam (www.fishycam.com): Fishycam is an online fishbowl. A web cam in front of a fishbowl! You’ll be amazed how much time you spend watching it.

Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down (www.nicecupofteaandasitdown.com): Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down is the premier web site for tea drinkers who are keen on sitting down having a cup of tea and biscuits. And cake as well.


Park at my House (www.parkatmyhouse.com): Park at My House is a new and innovative service which aims to provide affordable and fine-free parking by enabling property-owners to rent out their empty driveways and garages etc. to drivers needing somewhere to park.

On One Map (www.ononemap.co.uk): On One Map is a property search engine map that provides you more than just housing listings including secondary schools, supermarkets etc. to help you make your important decision.

Move Me (www.moveme.com): Move Me takes away the stress of moving house in a matter of minutes by telling you everything you need to do and when to do it via a number of great tools.

Hungry House (www.hungryhouse.co.uk): Hungry House brings together hundreds of restaurant take away menus across the UK in an online database.

Flat Chat (www.falt-chat.co.uk): Flat Chat is a site that aims to help apartment block residents build a stronger community that looks out for one another.


Playground Fun (www.playgroundfun.org.uk): Playground Fun is a site dedicated to child’s play. It has everything you need to know about your favourite childhood games to teach today’s generation of little ones. The site also includes ideas for play and articles for teachers and families.

Friends Abroad (www.friendsabroad.co.uk): Friends Abroad is a language learning network. Free to join, learn language skills now with our online language exchange community of millions of users in over 200 countries speaking over 80 languages.

Create A Scape (www.createascape.org.uk): Create a Scape enables teachers and students to map out the areas they live in with the sites and sounds that surround them.

Love Reading 4 Schools (www.lovereading4schools.co.uk): Love Reading 4 Schools is an online independent book store that allows parents, teachers and children to create their own reading lists together.

Shadow CS (www.shadowcs.co.uk): Shadow CS is an interactive website all about crime, aimed at young people aged 11 – 16+. It allows young people to get involved in discussions about crime and the everyday things that affect them and gives them the option of seeking advice if they don’t know what to do.


Fetch Everyone (www.fetcheveryone.com): Fetch Everyone is a fast developing site for runners. It lets runners keep a record of their running activities, local marathons, training and also find runners in their areas.

Love That Wine (www.lovethatwine.com): Love That Wine is an online community for wine enthusiasts, with information and blogs and ratings by those with a real passion for the grape.

Doggy Snaps (www.doggysnaps.com): Doggy Snaps is the first UK-based web site dedicated to dog lovers where they can build profiles for their canine companions and share their ‘pooch personalities.’ The social site allows users to swap dog related tips, photos, stories and ideas.

Powder Room (www.powderroom.net): Powder Room is a global online magazine and community for women who snowboard.

My Chums Club (www.mychumsclub.org.uk): My Chums Club is an online social networking site for babyboomers when they retire from an active professional life.


World Reviewer (www.worldreviewer.co.uk): World Reviewer is an innovative travel site that inspires you to see the world and experience exciting adventures in new locations.

Black Tomato (www.blacktomato.co.uk): The Black Tomato website is an innovative window into the world of travel which inspires users to explore the globe. The site provides striking images accompanied by easily-digestible content in a lively and interactive way.

Picnics on the Piste (www.picnicsonthepiste.com): Picnics on the Piste provides a unique alternative to restaurant dining by serving you picnics on the mountains on snow tables and can even help you get a snowball fight going.

20 Days (www.20days.com): 20 Days organises a pick 'n' mix bag of holidays, trips, events and parties. Don’t know how to spend your 20 days of holiday in 2008? This is the site for you.

5 Minutes Away (www.5minutesaway.co.uk): 5 Minutes Away is a directory of pubs, hotels, restaurants, shops and petrol stations for motorists within 5 minutes of each motorway junction.


Stuff Your Rucksack (www.stuffyourrucksack.co.uk): Stuff your Rucksack is a site that allows travellers to recommend what things should be taken on their trips to donate to local people.

Tache Back (www.tacheback.com): An inspiring website set up by The Institute of Cancer Research to shape the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign. It features tips on fundraising and shows fantastic images of last year’s winners.

Free Rice (www.freerice.com): A great site created for everyone, Free Rice is an online game that tests your vocabulary knowledge and converts correct answers to rice donations. It was set up to help the World Food Programme.

Together (www.together.com): Together is a campaign site that makes it easier for people to do something positive about climate change. Since the launch of the campaign, over five million actions have been taken up.

180 Degrees (www.180degrees.com): 180 Degrees charts the journey of two teenage adventurers journeying from the North to South poles to raise awareness of climate change.


Eat the Seasons (www.eattheseasons.com): Eat the Seasons aims to raise awareness and understanding of seasonal food: the benefits of eating seasonally, when different foods are in season and what to do with them. Updated weekly, it’s a must see for anyone who appreciates good food.

Do the Green Thing (dothegreenthing.co.uk): Do the Green Thing is a new community that makes it easy and enjoyable to be a bit greener. Every month the site generates a different Green Thing to do which is celebrated through creative images and videos.

Different Travel (www.differenttravel.com): Different Travel is a ‘Voluntourism’ site that helps people from all over the world combine the comfort and relaxation of two to three week responsible travel holidays with great accommodation and sightseeing with time to volunteer abroad, offering opportunities working alongside local people on international development projects and volunteer programmes.

The Nag (www.thenag.com): The Nag is a cheeky site that helps people do one thing a month to 'make the world a better place', one simple mouse click at a time. Each month, members are taken step by step through one low-effort, high-impact action like switching to green energy.

Trees For Cities (www.treesforcities.net): Trees for Cities aims to tackle global warming, create social cohesion and beautify our cities through tree planting, community, education and training initiatives in urban areas of greatest need. The site offers information on campaigns and projects.


Nigel’s Eco Store (www.nigelsecostore.com): Nigel’s Eco Store is an online retailer of environmentally friendly products and gifts. They only stock products that they have touched, seen, tried or used. This site offers everything from eco staplers that don’t use staples, solar powered electric shavers to an eco kettle that saves energy and money.

The Bag Lady (www.thebaglady.tv): The Bag Lady is a fashion companion, a style bible. Looking for the newest and hottest accessory to complete your outfit? You’re sure to find inspiration here.

Art Flock (www.artflock.com): Art Flock is an online creative community where you can buy and sell original art and craft. It’s an ideal place to discover the latest artistic talent or to share your artwork with new audiences.

Go Goblin (www.gogoblin.co.uk): Go Goblin is a wish list website for children and teenagers. The site aims to provide a secure and user-friendly online experience where children can share their wish lists with their friends and family to help you take the guess work out of shopping for kids.

Ethical Weddings (www.ethicalweddings.co.uk): Ethical Weddings is an online wedding magazine and directory. It acts as a meeting place for couples, suppliers and experts to exchange ideas and give advice etc. For example listing charity shops that specialise in wedding dresses.

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott.