MySpace Music is looking for new musical talent to showcase online.

Earwig TV is a video-based channel, which the team behind MySpace Music hopes will give talent from around the world the chance to show off their abilities to fans and critics alike.

The channel will show selected videos from bands and artists who have uploaded their work onto the MySpace Music site.

The finalists will be selected by the talent hunters at MySpace, who are looking for "both unsigned and signed acts from anywhere in the world and any genre".

Dom Cook, marketing and content director at MySpace UK comments: "Earwig TV is a place where music fans can discover new talent and be the first to hear about the acts of tomorrow. MySpace is already the home of music so the launch of Earwig TV is a natural next step in exposing the next generation of stars to our 10 million unique users".

Cook adds that the first set of bands to have their music showcased have already been selected. They are Operator Please, Operahouse, Palladium, The Raid, IAMX, One Night Only, Milburn, The Thirst, The Duke Spirit, The Clik Clik and Alphabeat.

Cook continues: "We’ve picked the first set of bands because they’re all creating a buzz at the moment as well as being prolific on the live scene in the last year".

The site will not only feature live footage of the 11 groups but also interviews on their scene, where they have come from and their influences.

The bands will also be supported on site with a "weighty" promotional campaign including banners and music home page promotion, adds MySpace.