The "Voice of London Underground" can now be the voice of your own satnav.

Emma Clarke who was recently very publicly sacked by London Underground after 8 years service for allegedly criticising tube travel is to now put her voice to use directing drivers.

Clarke has signed a deal with satnav maker CoPilot, and will become the voice of its Live mobile phone satellite navigation system.

CoPilot Live provides voice-guided satnav for mobile phones such as the Nokia N95 and the HTC Touch.

Clarke's voice will be available for download by owners of the new CoPilot Live 7 navigation system. However, users can also opt to use their own voice or indeed a friend or member of their family.

Michael Kornhauser, managing director of CoPilot developer, ALK Technologies believes Clarke's diction is bound to prove popular. He explained: "Our research indicates that the most important criteria for a sat nav voice is clarity of pronunciation, and as every London commuter will know 'The Voice of the Tube' is exactly that".

In the meantime, Clarke's fans continue to protest her innocence and ballot London Underground bosses to make a U-turn on their decision. They have even set up a Facebook page in her honour.

But Clarke says she is thrilled with her new role: "I just couldn't resist becoming the voice of CoPilot Live sat nav. The thought of getting more mileage out of my voice by hopping from one mode of transport to another seemed rather fitting".