A new site called erento is claiming to have the answer for folk who want to play with Apple's iPhone but think it's too pricey to splash out unseen.

They offer a service which lets you rent an iPhone - for £29 per day or £99 per week.

"Having coughed up quite a lot of money for this beautiful gadget, I heard about this new online rental site and figured that I could make my money back in a just a few weeks", says Steve Morrison, an iPhone owner and rental supplier on erento.

"It is perfect for someone looking to impress at a party and is a really effective way of trying before buying."

The site brings together people who own products and offer services and those who want to rent them creating what they call "a one stop shop for the rental industry".

Just launched in the UK, it has been running in Germany for four years where it now has over a million items available to rent including 600 Ferraris, 2500 motor homes, more than 1000 bouncy castles and an ice skating rink.

So, if you want to try an iPhone before you buy on a long term test, it'll "only" cost you £99 for a week's trial via erento...