A new gadget has launched that claims it will prevent motorists from receiving huge penalties imposed by Transport for London for late payments on congestion charge fines.

The "KenBuster", a small box about the size of a mobile phone, offers built-in GPS technologies that detect when a vehicle enters the congestion charging zone, and then triggers a payment (where appropriate) to TfL.

Created by a London motorist, "jaded by extortionate fines imposed for forgetting to pay the congestion charge", the KenBuster has been apparently been designed with the lofty aim to offer London commuters "a sense of empowerment against the system".

It's claimed the KenBuster is the first and only device of its type. There are two ways to buy it - £49.99 for the unit, and £8 a month on a 12 month contract or th product plus a lifetime contract with no monthly fees for £200.

Pre-orders are being taken now and the KenBuster will be despatched from 1st December in time for Christmas.